Welcome to Shizen TCG, an everything nature mini TCG! Currently run and maintained by Aki, it was opened for prejoin on August 1, 2020 and officially opened on September 1, 2020. The TCG currently have 20 active members and 322 released decks. Interested? Come and join us!
June 2024

Weekly updates every Saturday GMT+8!

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Bloop bloop! ヽ(´∀`ヽ)
Members: There are currently no new members.
Masteries: Fleur (deadsea); Kayori (cinnabarmoths, ferrets, gladiolus, leaves, sunflowers, wasps); Lex (bluebells) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Fleur (Seed > Root); StephJ (Sprout > Seedling) — Good job, congrats!
Games: Weekly, Set A

Hello, and sorry for the mess of the last few weeks on getting updates late!

I still kinda have much work to do, just that I managed to have kids calm enough so I can sit and write down! Let's face it Second half of November, not to say December are kinda hell for probably everyone.

We do not have new decks because we do have problems with lot of things like not enough time to actually sit in front of pc or just simply we or someone in our families is sick and that also makes that we are not there.

If there is any inquiries or questions or just comments do no hesitate to reach to us using our discord! I may answer late but I try to answer - and the errors are being worked on!

I am hoping that with January we will be back on the road without all this problems, but there is big probability that round Christmas and new year we will go on hiatus, if we do - there will be a message about that


II hope next week I manage too get these moments to write an update, thanks for bearing with us. But overall, have fun!ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ


Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. SchneggeI wish for 3 choice cards from any Black decks!    Pull here
  2. Drew and AlecksI wish for double game rewards from the Weekly set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!